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Allergies in Pets

Sneezing, Wheezing, and a Runny Nose Can All Be 

Symptoms of Pet Allergies

There's a lot that makes people sneeze and wheeze and go to see their doctors in Contra Costa County. But did you know that your pets can get allergies that need to be treated by your vet, too? Here are three things Dr. Harman Chhina at Concord Veterinary Clinic on Clayton Road in Concord wants you to know to help you help your pets feel more comfortable in allergy season.


Pets can be allergic to many of the same things that cause allergies in people.

Do you have a problem with second-hand smoke, house dust, certain home cleaning products, mold spores, or insect bites? Your cats and dogs can experience allergies to all of these substances and more, just like people do. Because allergens tend to accumulate in carpet and on floors, and because your pet's nose is seldom very far away from places allergens accumulate, your furry family members can be exposed to even more allergy-provoking substances than your human family.

It only takes one flea to provoke a flea allergy in your pet.

Sometimes, just one flea bite is enough to provoke a strong allergic reaction in your pet. Even worse, pets can continue to have the symptoms of flea allergies even after all the fleas are gone.

Some pets are super sensitive to flea bites, and some pets won't have any reaction at all. The severity of flea allergies depends a great deal on the individual differences in pet genetics, but keeping fleas under control, and making sure your pets don't wander into areas where they aren't in control, is very important for preventing allergies in pets.

Never, ever get your pet a human-sized dose of allergy medicine.

Allergy medicines that work in humans don't usually work in pets. The dosage a human takes is a lot more than a pet's detoxifying systems can handle, and some pets will suffer kidney damage after they are given over-the-counter allergy medicines designed for people. Let your vet prescribe the right allergy treatment for your pet.

Dr. Chhina and Ms. Limbaugh offer compassionate care for all of your pets.

Veterinarian Dr. Harman Chhina and her veterinary assistant Selina Limbaugh are dedicated to providing the best possible care for the furry members of your family. Request your appointment online or call us at (925) 338-2375. The offices of Concord Veterinary Clinic are located at 5201 Clayton Road, Concord, CA 94521.


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