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Ear Infections

Pet Ear Infections and Their Treatments

Never ignore your pet’s ear infection. They do not get better on their own. Ear infections are painful, so the sooner you make a trip to the vet, the sooner your pet can get relief. We here at Concord Veterinary Clinic in Concord, Clayton, Lafayette, Walnut Creek Pleasant Hill, CA, have what you need to know about pet ear infections.

Ear infections

Common Signs of Ear Infections in Pets

Your pet may have a combination of these symptoms, which include:

  • Itchy ears
  • Reddened ears
  • Swollen ears
  • Scaly or scabby crust on the ears
  • Dark discharge from the ears
  • Discharge that has an odd smell
  • Head shaking
  • Ears that are always wet or matted from discharge
  • Head tilted to one side
  • Problems standing or walking
  • Seizure
  • Pet can no longer blink
  • Pet shows great difficulty eating or stops eating altogether
  • Their eyes start moving strangely
  • Parasites, including fleas, ticks, ear mites, and other kinds of mites
  • Fungal infections, like ringworm
  • Yeast infections
  • Having a small object stuck deep in the ear
  • Allergies
  • Injuries
  • Bacteria
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Thyroid problems

Ear Infections with These Signs are Medical Emergencies

If your dog has an ear infection and also shows any of the following symptoms, get your pet to a vet immediately:

Causes of Ear Infections in Pets

There are many reasons for ear infections in pets, which include:

Some pets may have more than one cause, such as a pet that scratched ears that were itchy due to allergies, which opened the skin, which let in bacteria to cause an infection. Diagnosing the cause by your veterinarian is key to your pet getting effective treatment.

About Dogs with Long, Floppy Ears

Long, floppy ears that hang close to the head look adorable, but they are very prone to getting ear infections. This is because there is not room enough for air to circulate and dry the ears out. The constant moisture can cause infections.

Treating Ear Infections

The good news about pet ear infections is that they usually can be quickly cleared up. This involves treating the underlying cause, oral medications, and medicated ear drops. Surgery is only needed in extreme cases, such as an object lodged so deep inside of the ear that there is no other way of removing.

Does Your Pet Have an Ear Infection?

Your pet needs to be seen by a veterinarian right away. If you live in the Concord, Clayton, Lafayette, Walnut Creek Pleasant Hill, CA areas, contact Concord Veterinary Clinic by emailing [email protected] or by calling (925) 338-2375 to make an appointment today.



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