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Vaccine FAQs

Keeping your pet healthy is one of your main responsibilities as a pet owner, and vaccines are an important part of your pet’s good health. If you live in Concord, CA or the surrounding communities, you can have your pet vaccinated at Concord Veterinary Clinic. These FAQs from our Concord, CA vet explain more about vaccines and how they benefit your pet.  


How do vaccines protect my pet?

Vaccines protect pets from infectious diseases that threaten their health. Vaccines trigger your pet’s immune system to fight against diseases to reduce the severity of the symptoms or prevent him from getting contracting diseases altogether. Some diseases, like rabies, have no cure. You can, however, protect your pet against these diseases by having him vaccinated.

Are pet vaccines really necessary, especially if I have an indoor pet?

Vaccines are essential to every pet’s health and welfare. Vaccines also prevent the spread of contagious diseases to other animals and people. Even indoor pets are at risk of diseases from having play dates with other animals or accompanying you to outdoor events.  

What vaccines should my pet get?

Our Concord veterinarian will recommend the best vaccines for your pet in accordance with his lifestyle. Core vaccines are a must for all pets. These vaccines protect your pet against incurable diseases like rabies, which can lead to death. We may also recommend additional non-core vaccines to protect your pet from diseases common to your area or diseases he’s at risk for due to his lifestyle.

How does my pet's lifestyle affect his vaccination program?

Pets that spend a great deal of time outdoors are more likely to be exposed to infectious diseases from outdoor environments. As such, they need more protection from vaccines. Your pet’s location is also taken into consideration when we customize his vaccination schedule.

How often should my pet be vaccinated?

As no two pets are exactly alike in the immunity they receive from vaccines, our Concord, CA vet will customize your pet’s vaccination schedule to suit his health, breed, and lifestyle.

Do vaccines pose a health risk to my pet?

Vaccines are highly effective in protecting pets against infectious diseases. The risk of serious negative responses is rare. We can help minimize this risk by being selective in the vaccines we recommend for your pet.

See Our Concord Veterinarian for Pet Vaccines

Having your pet vaccinated is one of the best ways to protect and preserve his health. Concord, CA pet owners can bring their pets to Concord Veterinary Clinic for the vaccines their pet care needs. To schedule an appointment to vaccinate your cat or dog, contact us at 925-338-2375 today.



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